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A Bad Day and the Art of Doing Nothing

We all know it.

There are days that when we touch something, it breaks.

No matter how positively you program yourself, you just resonate with the wave of “everything I touch, breaks down”. Then the whole universe is against you. You have hardly got out of bed when you already know that today is just going to be a disaster (in the better case scenario). Read more

Discard That Excess Weight

Try one little experiment.

Wear a 20-kg rucksack on your back all day from morning to evening. Is it difficult? I certainly believe it is. And what about the relief when you take it off your back in the evening? And by the way, are you not wearing a similar backpack in the form of excess fat on your belly? If the answer is ‘yes’, then discard this 10-, 20-, 30-, maybe 100-kg rucksack which you are dragging around at every step. How? Do you really want to know how to achieve the optimal weight that suits you? There are numerous books on weight loss to be found in book stores, but the secret lies in one thing. Do you want me to reveal it? Read more

Is There Lightness or Not?


How to recognise the lightness in your actions

Let’s say that you are engaged in some activity and are unsure whether to continue dealing with it. Or are you considering doing something else? Well, the truth is that, somewhere within, you have already known the answer for a long time, despite everything not always seeming immediately clear. Close your eyes and imagine dealing with the specific activity; visualise the activity Read more