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The Flight of Runners


Do you remember that feeling when you, as a child, were running and flapping your arms like wings?

Then after a bigger rebound, you remained hanging in the air in a state of weightlessness for a while – and felt you could easily take off? Just so little and you could fly. Of course, after all, you glided on the spot as well. I can swear to this. Read more

You are too Wise, Siddhartha


If I had to take one single book to a desert island, I would hesitate slightly between Tao Te Ching and Siddhartha.

I suppose I would take Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

This story is actually permeated by the Tao. Moreover, it is a wonderful story about the spiritual journey of enlightenment, written in the poetic language that caresses the soul. Read more

Manager in a Gilded Cage I.



Top manager of a multinational corporation — the dream job of many employees

You have headed towards this for your entire career – a top position in the company hierarchy, a luxury car with the best possible accessories, a six-figure monthly salary about which ordinary mortals can only dream, amazing annual bonuses, stock options, premium corporate benefits, recognition by the people around you, awards for outstanding work performance – the Manager of the Year. Read more